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How To Measure Your Hubcap Size

Not sure what hubcap size you need for your vehicle? Getting the right hubcap size is important and easy, if you know how.

To determine your hubcap size, simply look at the side of your tire. There, you'll see some numbers and letters. An example of what you are looking for is shown at right.

The specific digits you're most interested in are the last two numbers after the letter "R". In the example shown at right, the last two digits are "15". This indicates that this wheel requires a 15 inch hubcap. It's as simple as that.

What you do not want to do is physically measure the wheel or the hubcap.

Determine hubcap size by the numbers on the tire.

Chrome Hubcap Sets

Our brand new chrome hubcaps give your vehicle the look of expensive chrome wheels without the price, and turn basic transportation into a style statement. Chrome hubcaps are a great way to add some sparkle to any car, truck, or van. We offer sizes to fit just about any make and model. These hubcaps are triple-chrome plated and constructed of sturdy ABS plastic for years of durability and a long-lasting shine. All you need to get started is your hubcap size!

A set of four starts at $59.96 with Free Shipping!

Selling Your Car, Truck, or Van?

A new set of hubcaps adds value to the look and selling price of your vehicle. If you really want to save some money and upgrade your vehicle's appearance, consider our replica hubcaps and our budget hubcap sets. These popular styles are designed to look great on any vehicle.

Factory-Original Hubcaps

Don't forget, that we also sell Factory-Original Hubcaps if you want to match your existing hubcaps or retain the look of the hubcaps that came from the manufacturer. But if you really wish to save some money or add a unique look to your vehicle, consider purchasing a complete set of four of our Chrome Hubcaps. These universal aftermarket hubcaps fit any car with standard steel wheels.

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